Esecuzione pubblica di 5 studenti in Iran

Iranian regime executed 5 Kurdish students in Kurdish city kermanshan(June 2009) by hanging all of them at once. They were all accused of political activities.
Please watch this video and send every where in the world, especially to the human right organisation in your location.
After five students were executed by Iranian revolutionary guard, Iranian regime asked the student family, to pay for government because the Iranian government spent some time for execution of their children.
Please watch this video film and send to the world, after you watched this video, you will understand the pain of those family.
We are calling to:
Human right organisation around world
Human right watch
Amnesty international
European court of human rights
European parliament
United States congress
News papers
Web sites
And individual who care for human rights
Please watch this video and ask Iran to stop exaction of innocent Kurdish student.

June 2009

© Kurdistan united news agency


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